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A highlight of going on holiday is being able to be completely free from the strain of styling... you would think... but more recently holidays have become one of the most stressful times for men and women alike, in fear of not being able to straighten or curl their hair properly, or the humidity causing frizz to be out of control! One thing that you can always fall back on is the classic holiday hair braid. With so many variations, the hair braid has been around for decades and is a look that just never ages.rnrnThe classic holiday hair braid is characterised by bright, clashing colours - the more daring the better. By separating one thin section of hair from the rest, pieces of string are knotted to the root in a tight knot, and the hair is then plaited into a thin braid to secure it in the final braid. When this is secured, the string is wound around the plait in blocks - once all colours have been blocked, clashing colours are wound around the hair at once - but obviously this style can vary depending on the wearers' preference!rnrnIf you prefer a more subtle style, why not implement string hair braids into your everyday style? Jazz up your standard style by adding strands of bright coloured strings. If you would like to plait your hair, Hair Replacement Systems replace one of the three main strands with a piece of string - this will result in an alternating coloured string vs natural hair appearance- very 2012! You could even copy styles straight from the catwalks by styling your hair into a plaited hairband infused with ribbon.rnrnAnother way of incorporating braids into your style in a more toned down way is by stealing the concept of beads - why not finish off the end of your plaits with beads to keep the style modern and unique?rnrnThose who are convinced that plaits are only for girls couldn't be further from correct. Admittedly it is harder for boys with short hair to include plaits into their style, but dying some strands was an idea originating from hair braids! Another style that stemmed from string hair braids was, believe it or not, dreadlocks - an easily adaptable, individual style that can suit anyone.