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If you're looking for a place to treat your injury or illness, an urgent care center might be a good choice. You can choose an urgent care center that accepts your insurance plan, or find out if your insurance covers an out-of-network emergency room instead. Regardless of your preferred location, you'll likely need to pay a co-payment or deductible. However, some health plans cover urgent care.

A typical urgent care visit will require an out-of-network co-payment of between $20 and $40. Out-of-network care may require a higher co-payment. Once your insurance provider has processed your bill, you'll need to pay the balance. Most urgent care facilities don't offer payment plans, so you'll have to pay in full when you visit them. This can be costly if you need emergency treatment, but most urgent-care facilities accept most major insurance plans.

Some people may also use public health insurance. If you have Medicare, you'll typically need to pay a co-payment of $20 to $40 before your visit. If you have Medicaid, you'll probably need a higher co-payment. But it's still worth checking to see if your urgent care center accepts your plan. Most will. But it's best to call ahead to make sure the clinic will accept your policy before visiting.

When it comes to payment, an average urgent care patient will pay $20 to $40 out of pocket. The amount may vary depending on the facility and what services you need. Some centers might even require a $35-100 co-payment, depending on the coverage. After processing the bill, the insurance company will bill you for any remaining amounts. Patients without health insurance will typically pay a $71 to 125 base office visit fee. Most urgent care centers do not accept payment plans.

Whether or not urgent care will accept your insurance will depend on your policy. Most insurance policies cover emergency care, but some companies require a co-payment from the patient. Most urgent-care centers will accept your insurance, but they will let you know in advance if they don't. Those who don't have health insurance may have to pay a higher co-payment. It's worth calling ahead to confirm that your insurance company covers emergency care, though.

Many urgent care centers will accept Medicaid and Medicare. In some cases, Medicaid will cover the entire fee, while others may charge a lower price. When deciding on which facility will accept your insurance, call your insurance company before you arrive for your appointment. Most urgent care centers will accept Medicare and most Medicaid plans. When you're looking for an urgent-care clinic, call the insurance company to make sure your insurance will cover the services you need.