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The inflow of funds into products based on digital assets from January 15 to 21 amounted to $14.4 million, according to the CoinShares report.

The recovery of positive dynamics was preceded by a sharp decline in the prices of cryptocurrencies, analysts noted.

The volume of assets under management decreased to the lowest level since August 2021 - $51 billion. From the peak in November of $86 billion, the indicator fell by 41%.

From Ethereum-based funds, the outflow continued and amounted to $16 million.

Receipts in structures:

based on bitcoin — $13.8 million;
Binance Coin — $3.3 million;
Polkadot — $1.5 million;
Cardano — $1.5 million;
Solana - $1.4 million
Funds based on various assets remained popular - the inflow of funds for the week amounted to $ 8 million.