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If you are experiencing hair loss and have sensitive skin, you can try to buy a quality wig that will give you a natural and comfortable look.

Tapes and adhesives
A lot of people opt to secure their wig using tape or adhesive. While this is a great option for those without sensitive skin, people whose scalps are easily irritated may find tape and adhesive difficult to wear.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, make sure you choose a product that’s been specially formulated for people whose skin reacts to commonly used chemicals.

This should help to ensure that your HD lace human hair wigs are comfortable throughout the day. Alternatively, choose a wig that doesn’t require tape or adhesive to stay in place.

Lace Front
A lace front means that each hair is artfully hand-tied into a soft lace material, which creates a natural front hairline at the front of your wig. This hand-tied technique allows you to part the hair seamlessly because the fibers will now move like your own biological hair. We recommend a lace front for medical invisible lace front wig wearers because the lace material is softer than the material that is used to make a traditional, basic cap.

Double Monofilament Top
Hair loss from chemotherapy often results in a sensitive scalp. Wigs with 100% hand-tied or double monofilament Headband wig caps tend to be the best for sensitive scalps. These wig caps are softer and feel more gentle on sensitive scalps than classic cap wigs.

A double monofilament top uses the same hand-tied technique as a lace front but covers the entire top area of a wig. A double monofilament top is different than a monofilament top because a double monofilament top has an extra soft layer that protects your head from the knots of the hair. We recommend double monofilament top wigs as your next medical wig because the extra lace layer will provide comfort for your sensitive scalp.

Partial wigs
Another good option for people looking for a comfortable wig is a partial hairpiece. Instead of a full wig, think about wearing a ponytail, fringe, or a baseball cap with closure wigs human hair human hair attached.

As these don’t cover your entire scalp at the same time, they can let your skin breathe more effectively and prevent sweat from building up under the wig. This can make them more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

What’s more, as these types of wigs are smaller and more affordable, they offer you the chance to change your look up regularly and try out a number of different styles. Wearing a wig can be great for your confidence and your appearance.

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